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Texas Two Step
Texas Two Step (TTS) The left stomp is used to turn this pedal on. I usually set the drive to about 10 o'clock with the left stomp on in order to get my amp to sound slightly broken up in a Texas Blues or ZZ Top kind of way. The left stomp I kick on for fills or to solo. Originally designed to get a 100 watt Fender Twin to sound broken up, which it would not do at any volume on it's own, the TTS has been in service since 2000' and continues to be my personal pedal of choice. The TTS, as commonly refered to, has more bottom end than a typical Tube Screamer pedal and took me 2 years to get 'right' for my purposes. The TTS has an eq and gain shift when the boost stomp is engaged.
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Cool Machine
If a Vibe and a Wah had a baby it would be the Cool Machine! The Cool Machine is a wah and an auto wah that uses an actual wah circuit which makes it the only one of it's kind since auto wahs are actually op-amp based auto filters. Being different, circuit wise, from the rest of the pack the Cool Machine has an organic sound and feel that the others simply do not have. The Cool Machine can also be used as a wah and not limited to being an auto wah pedal.
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